Sunday, March 16, 2008

How To Lift the Sending, Receiving and Withdrawal Limits of Your Paypal Account

I just ignored this message “verify your account“ after I applied for paypal. Everytime I log-on, I will see this message flashed on the first page. I thought it wasn't that important and I can just do it later. Now that I already want to withdraw funds to my credit card, I'm starting to experience the consequences. My monthly limit is still set to zero as I was told I have to enter the four digit code stated in my card statement the time they charged me the $1.95 last March 2007 (this amount will be refunded to us once we were able to verify our account). My problem now is, that was still last March 2007 and I can't seem to find that statement anymore. Huhu so unlucky me....

I've looked for the statement for two days but still couldn't find it. I called my card company yesterday if they can resend my March and April 2007 statements. They said they still have to dig their files and it may take them 2-3 weeks. Gosh! Too long.

I reopened my paypal account few minutes ago hoping I could find some ways on how I could have the code resent. Luckily, I saw a resend code button and when I clicked it, I found out that I can request for resending of the code. They have to charge me another $1.95 though but it still good news for me. Now, I just have to wait for my next card statement to arrive and hopefully, I could already withdraw from my paypal account. Wish me luck!

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