Thursday, December 20, 2007

Europe and Its Best City Destinations

Europe has always fascinated me. Its historic places and the elegance of its people has always mesmerized me. How I wish I'd be able to visit there someday.

Travelling is a very exciting experience. We get to meet a lot of people along the way, it widens our experience and knowledge about a particular place. However, most of the time, travelling has given us more headache than fun. There are times when we have to wait in the hotel lobby or re-arrange reservations of our accommodation, flight and car service as it was not properly arranged earlier. It may be a great adventure experience for some but it is a horrible experience to a lot of people.

An earlier online reservation will simplify the problem. Coordinating with agency and hotel personnel at an earlier date will help a lot. CheaperthanHotels provides online reservation for travellers that offers the most competitive rates and the highest ethical standards. Arranging your travel requirements with them will make your travel to any destination hassle free.

The Netherlands is a great country to visit. Its wide collection of flowers in its national parks are refreshing and relaxing to the eye. Although the capital of the Netherlands is in Hague, Amsterdam is the main center of the country and largest city, with a population of around 750,000, with over 3.5 million foreign visitors each year. The city has a broad range of tourist attractions that ranges from recreational to cultural sights. Amsterdam's popular attractions are National Maritime Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Museum Amstelkring, Anne Frank House, Dam Square and its Canals. Places to stay in the city is not a problem for a constant traveller, Amsterdam hotels offer very affordable prices.

Dam Square

Athens, Greece and Prague are the other cities in Europe that I would love to visit. These cities are very historical. I love to know more about their people and their contributions to world history. Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece. Its main attractions are the Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, the Acropolis, to name a few. Athens hotels can be as low as EUR 31 which represents affordability and provides an example of good value to your money.

Acropolis by twilight
Similarly, Greece hotels won't be a problem when visiting Greece. CheaperthanHotels accepts reservations online and you can also get the best rates possible. Reservations are replied fast as their service is 24/7. Some of the best attractions in the city of Greece are island touring, historical sites and museums.

Prague has remarkable attractions as well. Be mystified by the Prague Castle, Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square, to name a few of the many attractions Prague can offer. Problem where to stay ? No more worries now as Prague hotels are listed in CheaperthanHotels list of most affordable accommodations in the city. Online and early reservations are accepted.

Travelling to another city or country is fun and relaxing. Its very exciting and we don't want to ruin the experience so early preparation is best. Researching about the city online can be helpful. Making reservations early is necessary most especially where we can to stay comfortably at the best possible rates.

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