Saturday, November 18, 2006

FREE Website For Your Business

A lot of us want to earn online. Looking for various opportunities on the net be it blogging online, paid to click, to read, to search sites, paid surveys and a lot more. Blogging is one of the most popular methods to earn online through adsense revenue. Another is through affiliate programs. Merchants give us percentage commissions for every sale we generate from our website once a client is directed to our affiliate merchant. In order to market our product, a blog or a website is necessary. provides us a free blog service and is very useful and easy to navigate. We can place links in our blogs and it is easier if we direct links regarding our services to our main website. There are a lot of free website services online. Different hosts provide different services.

I'm an affiliate of a few affiliate programs and I developed a website under which helps me market my products and services. I love so much all of it's features and I can say that it is the best website service I've used so far on the net. The free templates doesn't look free at all. It's very functional and you can add more free tools. It has at least 500 ready templates that you can choose from. You can also have you own journal and can get subscribers to widen and increase your business contacts.

More great tools of Bravenet can be found below :

- Create an online diary or blog.
- The best guestbook around.
Headline News
- Put live news on your web site.
Hit Counter
- Track your website traffic.
- Daily Horoscopes on your site.
Online Calendar
- Public scheduling calendars
Password Protect
- Ban access to select pages.
Photo Album
- Store and share your photos online.
- Shorten your website address.
This Day in History
- Tid bits on every day in history.
- Your own custom postcard service.
Free Links
- Build your own handy link directory.
Site Search
- Visitors can search your website.
- Visitors promote your site.
Traffic Exchange
- Generate traffic for your site.
Web Cartoon
- A new cartoon every day.
Web Ring
- Create a group of similar sites.
Chat Rooms
- Host live chats with your visitors.
Email Forms
- Add forms to your website.
FAQ Service
- Automated common questions.
Mailing List
- Maintain a direct mailing list.
Message Forum
- Host your own online discussions.
Vote Caster
- Perform a multi-question poll.
Web Poll
- Perform a quick poll.
Affiliate Program
- $1.00 for each person you refer.
- Buy sell and trade on your site.

For more details and to get a FREE website, you can visit the site

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

7 Sites Where You Can Blog To Earn Money

More and more people are blogging today. It's becoming popular around the world. What is good with it is you can blog just about anything you want to talk about. Your life, day to day activities, friends, acquaintances, academic matters, small to big businesses, real estate and a lot more topics that you encounter everyday. You have freedom of expression and the rules aren't that strict. It's been a good way to make money online too.

I've started blogging on MyLot and I've found it very entertaining and profitable. MyLot is a good way to earn money without investing and membership is free. When you refer your friends, you get commission from their earnings. It also has a very friendly environment. It is for this reason that I started to scout on the net for other paid to blog sites. It wasn't easy at the start but after visiting blogs, forums and search engines, I was able to join in a lot of them. I made my own list and thought that maybe it's better to include it in my blog so I could help other individuals who want to work online, either to keep themselves busy, a part time job or later on a full time online job.

So, here is the list I was able to come up and I wish you all the best if you would be interested to join in them. Good luck and happy blogging!

Blogger Party
Writing Up
Write Niche
Just A Pickle


Free Articles For Your Blog

Do you need articles for you blog or your website ? How about ideas on something you want to work on for your publication, school home report or just about anything ? The list below are some of the topics you can find in Triond. Triond has varied list of topics that you could browse and formulate on your own. To see a sample of the articles written, you can visit the following :

The Essence of Existence
To Teach Or Not To Teach
Free Pictures

Or you can click here for more.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How To Make Money Online

It is never easy to earn money online. A lot of online marketers and businessmen quit at an early stage. They lose a lot of money in advertising without getting the results they projected. Many advertising sites promise to give them great results and to make them earn big money only to find out at the end that all they gave were promises. I know that before reading this blog, you have come to a point where you wanted to quit. You’ve been working so hard, day and night, too eager and hopeful that the online opportunity will enable you to earn big money fast. But sad to say it doesn’t work that way so easy most especially when you are doing the wrong thing.

I’ve been trying and was hopeful I could earn much money online. It wasn’t easy at the start. I joined a lot of pay to read, pay to click, and other pay to do sites online only to find out that most of them were scams. Some were paying me, however, it would take me hours, days, months and even years to earn the target I was aiming. So, I searched on search engines, joined forums and got more info from successful online marketers to be able to know how we can really make money online.

I was able to know that we could earn money from the following ways :

1) Goodle Adsense

This is an ad serving program on the net where website owners can enroll to enable to display text, image and video advertisements on their sites. These ads generate revenue on either a pay-per-click or pay-per-thousand-impressions basis and is administered by Google.

Maximize your adsense revenue by making a lot of websites based on different interesting topics. There are a lot of website services where you can join for free. You can also join in some sites where you can get free articles for your blogs or sites. Others require you to pay a fee but to a minimal amount.

Joining blogging sites like Blogger will also help, where you are allowed to make your own blog and display Google adsense ads. The more articles you write, the more money you will earn. However, to be able to get higher earning revenue, it is better if you market your website or blog yourself.

2) Write articles

Write/create content. It can be an interesting and informative article, a photo of your travel or other things that interest you, a recipe and a lot more. Submit to Triond. Publish it to the Triond network and earn monthly royalties/revenues from the advertisements placed on the site.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online today. Membership is free and you don’t even need a website. By being a member, you are allowed to post links of merchants on your site and market their products and services. There are a lot of free sites where you could advertise your affiliate programs.

4) Paid Surveys

One way of making money online is by taking paid surveys. No investment needed as membership is free. As an added bonus, you can also market the site to get referrals and earn additional commission from your referrals earnings. You can search from search engines for the links and additional information.

There are a lot of legitimate money making opportunities online. Those specified above are just some of the many ways to earn. This blog is updated from time to time for other online earning opportunities so keep on visiting.

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