Friday, August 18, 2006

Maximize Earnings From Your Blog

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You have a blog. You post to it almost everyday but... are you earning from it ?

Alot of people are members of,,, some forums and post about almost anything on and other free blog sites. If you want to earn money on the net, this article would be very useful to you. If you make blogs to keep yourself busy, this will be an added bonus.

Can we really earn from blogging ? I myself have encountered articles on the net saying that blogging will bring us money. After alot of research and analization myself, I was able to know that it is possible. Advertising has always been a good business eversince, be it locally, in print, on the radio, television and now... the internet. Almost all the people in the world use the net everyday. Be it surfing online, getting information on some things we want to know about, writing to our friends, chatting online and alot more. Upon reaching a site, people would usually want to visit more sites to get more and more information. This is where advertising comes in. Alot of businesses advertise online as it is the easiest way to reach billions of people around the world in a matter of minutes.

I wish someone has taught me how to earn from blogging when I was still new on the net. In that way, I should have avoided wasting alot of money, time and effort online just chatting with my friends to keep myself busy and with people whom I don't even know. I could have made use of my time in a profitable way.

How can we make money from blogging ? What is the step by step way to earn money from blogging ? Here's how :

First is to sign-up in a free blog service like Blogger, Blogfeast and other similar sites. Once you sign-up a free account, you are then allowed to post contents about almost anything you want to talk about. After signing-up in the free blog sites, you will be asked to sign-up for a free google adsense account. The link will be provided by the blog service. Upon approval, you have to submit your google adsense information to the blog site.

Maximixe your earnings by signing-up in affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs online that are free to join. Some of them are Commission Junction, ShareASale, Share Results, LinkShare, PartnerGateway, Hotel Club and many more.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Sign-up for a free website account. So far, the best website I've used online is It has a lot of useful features. This free website service has over 500 Professionally designed web templates that are ready to use, has a free blog service, calendar, mailing list and a lot more. It also has an affiliate program that lets you earn $1 for every active member referred by you through the affiliate URL provided.

Once you are approved of a free website service, you can then start working on your affiliate site. Choose from the well-designed templates available and write about your affiliate programs providing links to drive your visitors to the affiliate site. Once they purchase or join as an affiliate, you will earn percentage (%) commission that will be delivered to you by check, paypal or other online payment systems.

Once your website is finished, make a blog about it and the affiliate programs in it. Provide a link that will direct traffic to your website and to individual affiliate URLs of all your affiliate programs, if possible. Visitors will then start visiting your site. The more blogs you post in different free blogs services, the more traffic you will generate. The more money will come in once they purchase or sign-up as affiliates.

Google adsense revenue. Add google ads to your blog and to your website so you will earn from the advertisements provided by google. has a built-in ready google adsense addition system. All you have to do is submit your google adsense account information and automatically ads will be provided in your blog. The style and quantity depends on the kind of template you have chosen.

Advertise. Advertise. Advertise.

a) Advertise your blog and website to all free traffic sites and forums you visit but please don't Spam! Tell your friends and acquaintances about it.

b) Submit your blog site to blog directories like Blogarama, Globe of Blogs and other similar sites.

c) Post comments in other blogs and put a link to your blog using your signature.

d) Submit to free classified ads. You can find them by searching "free classified ads" in google. If it's ok with you to spend a little advertising money, you can use google adwords service. You can also join other blogging sites aside from and you can make a blog about your blog and drive traffic to your blog site. Some of these are Blogfeast, 8Blogger and a lot more.

You can promote your blog just as you promote your website: in mails, on lists, on your business card, in your advertising, in press releases, articles about your company, services, or products, and so on.

You promote your blog effectively by writing interesting content that gets picked up by other blogs, and you reciprocate and mention other blogs in your blog. This creates an interlinked network of blog content. This provides traffic. And more traffic means more people visiting your site which means more possibility of purchases and sale.


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